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2021 Club Amenity Guide

     Amenity Cards are required to use the Seabrook Island Club and SIPOA Lake House facilities. If the owner of the home you are renting is a member of the Seabrook Island Club, you are invited to use the Club facilities – Beach Club pools, Pelican’s Nest restaurant, arcade, Island House restaurants/bar, golf, tennis. You will be issued a Club Amenity Card by the Amenity Office. If the owner of the rental property is not a member of the Seabrook Island Club, you cannot access any of the above Seabrook Island Club facilities. You will be issued a Lake House Amenity Card by the Amenity Office. Every property owner and guest on Seabrook Island has access to the Equestrian Center and the Lake House which includes an outdoor pool (no charge), fitness center and indoor pool (fees apply).

Seabrook Island Club and The Lake House facilities DO NOT ACCEPT CASH or CREDIT CARDS. The Amenity Card is connected to a credit card number you provide to the Amenity Office. All charges at any of the Club facilities or the Lake House are applied to the credit card on file. At the beginning of the month following your visit, the Amenity Office will email you a summary of your charges for your stay.

Amenity Card - Guest Card

Access to Seabrook Island Club Facilities

If the owner of your rental property is a Seabrook Island Club member, you, as their Rental Guest, will have access to a Club Amenity Card for your use during your stay. Some homeowners cover the cost of providing these cards. Others may require the guest to pay for these cards. If an owner requires a guest to pay for this card, the fees are $30/day or $185/week** per property.  Club Amenity Cards give you access to the facilities of the Seabrook Island Club. These cards must be presented to enter the gated oceanfront pools and Pelican’s Nest outdoor restaurant/bar or to dine at the Island House restaurants/bar. Rentals Guests must also have a Club Amenity Card to book golf tee times and tennis court reservations.  Additional fees are charged for all activities except Beach Club outdoor pool usage.

** From November 1 to March 30, the amenity card fee will reduce to $240/month, $105/week or $20/day. Dining Only option is $5/day. 

Access to SIPOA Lake House Facilities

All rentals guests, regardless as to whether the owner belongs to the Club or not, have access to the Lake House facilities, however, a Club Amenity Card or Lake House Amenity Card must be presented.

The Lake House facility – fitness center, indoor/outdoor pool, library, basketball court, playground – is located near the gate house.  Use of the outdoor pool, library, basketball court, and playground are offered without an additional fee; there is an additional fee for access to the Fitness Center and indoor fitness pool. The fees to use the Fitness Center and the indoor pool are $15/day/person or $40/person for 3-days. The monthly rate is $85/month/person. The Lake House offers many classes. Additional class fees apply.  Please visit www.sipoa.org to reserve your spot for lap swim in the indoor pool (if needed), use of the Fitness Center and for classes.

Obtaining an Amenity Card

There are two ways to get your Amenity Cards:

  • Pre-order Amenity Cards on a secure web page by clicking on this link for Pre-Arrange Amenity Cards and following the instructions provided. You may also download and complete this form: Prearrange-Amenity-Cards-Letter.  After entering in your information, the Amenity Office will mail your Amenity Cards to your home address prior to your arrival on Seabrook. Please note that this must be done at least 10 days prior to your Arrival Date to ensure that the cards reach you by mail before you leave for your visit to Seabrook.
  • Pick up your Amenity Cards at the Amenity Office located outside the Security Gate adjacent to the Seabrook Island Real Estate Office (1002 Landfall Way).  If arriving after hours, please contact the Amenity Office to arrange to have the amenity cards left in a drop box outside of their office via email at amenitycards@discoverseabrook.com or by mail at 843-768-3942.

All charges to the Amenity Card are linked to the credit card number you provide to the Amenity Office. Please take your credit card in with you to the office.

A refundable deposit of $15 per card is required. When the card is returned to the Amenity Office in good condition and working order, the deposit will be returned. To secure your amenity card(s), you will need to provide a credit card to which all charges will be applied during your stay. An itemized statement of all charges will be provided at the end of the month. When you leave Seabrook for the last time, exit using the left lane at the Security Gate and drop the cards in the mailbox attached to the building. There is also a mailbox at the Amenity Office next to the door. When returned, the Amenity Office will credit the deposit to your card within the week. If you have any questions, you can email the Amenity Office directly. The Amenity Office can be reached at 843-768-3942.

2021 Amenity Card Office Hours

The Amenity Office is located just before the gatehouse on the right in the Seabrook Island Real Estate building.

Jan 1 – Apr 2 Monday – Saturday
9 AM – 5 PM
Apr 3 – May 28 Monday – Saturday
9 AM – 5 PM
10 AM – 2 PM
May 29 – Sep 9 Monday – Friday
9 AM – 5 PM
9AM – 6 PM
10 AM – 4 PM
Sep 10 – Dec 31 Monday – Friday
9 AM – 5 PM
Closed New Years Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day with limited hours on Christmas Eve – 9 AM – 12 PM

After Hours Arrivals – If the Amenity Office is not open when you arrive but you wanted to use either the Seabrook Island Club or Lake House facilities, please mention this to the staff and they will place charges on your credit card. It is your responsibility to secure your Amenity Card during the next business day.

130 Gardeners Circle, PMB 307 Seabrook Island, SC 29455