Map of Seabrook Island, Our Properties, and Local Businesses

Near Lake House, Equestrian Center, Tennis Center

Near the gated entrance of Seabrook Island, this neighborhood offers easy access to both the beach, Lake House and Club facilities. Walk to Lake House outdoor pool, indoor pool, fitness center, and playground, feed the horses carrots at the Equestrian Center, or take a lesson at the Racquet Club. Ride bikes to Bohicket Marina (.7 miles) or Freshfields Village (1.1 miles). North Beach is less than a 3 mile ride over Seabrook’s quiet streets. The Island House and Pelican’s Nest dining venues, Beach Club pools, and golf courses are 3.5 miles from this neighborhood. PF – Pet Friendly

Bay Pointe Villas – Marsh View


Courtside Villas – Tennis Views


Fiddlers Cove Villas – Marsh Views/Sunsets

1739 Fiddlers Cove

Heron Point Villas – Marsh Views

Marsh Walk Villa – Marsh/Tennis Views

2004 Marsh Walk
2008 Marsh Walk (PF)
                     2020 Marsh Walk (PF)
                     2021 Marsh Walk
2063 Marsh Walk (PF)

Racquet Club Villas

2406 Racquet Club
                    2412 Racquet Club
2416 Racquet Club
2465 Racquet Club

Salt Marsh Townhomes – Marsh/Lagoon Views

3002 Salt Marsh

Shelter Cove Townhomes – Marsh Views

1708 Shelter Cove   (PF)
1709 Shelter Cove
                    1710 Shelter Cove
1712 Shelter Cove
                     1716 Shelter Cove (PF)

Village of Seabrook – Lake/Wooded/Equestrian

2271 Seabrook Island Road (PF)
3005 Seabrook Village Drive (PF)
                     3020 Seabrook Village Drive (PF) Coming soon!
4036 Bridle Trail (PF)

Homes – Lagoon/Wooded Views/Marsh Views

2704 Jenkins Point (pool) – Marsh View
2888 Old Drake Drive
2765 Old Forest Drive
2770 Old Forest Drive
                    2443 High Hammock Road
                    2766 Old Oak Walk  (PF)
2505 Seabrook Island Road
2566 Seabrook Island Road – Marsh View
2804 Captain Sam’s
                    2978 Seabrook Island Road – (PF)
                    3052 Seabrook Island Road (PF)

Near Marsh, Crab Dock, Kayak Launch

On the ocean side of Seabrook Island, this peaceful neighborhood is surrounded by tidal marsh. A mix of full time homeowners and visitor enjoy the scenic views from their homes or the nearby crab dock and kayak launch. This neighborhood is centrally located on the Island. It is approximately 1.5 miles to both North Beach and the Lake House area. The Beach Club pools, Island House and golf are 2.5 miles down Seabrook Island Road. PF – Pet Friendly

Creekwatch Villas – Marsh Views

                     1203 Creekwatch
1207 Creekwatch
                     1209 Creekwatch
1211 Creekwatch (PF)
1228 Creekwatch (PF)
1239 Creekwatch (PF)
1240 Creekwatch (PF)

Deer Pointe Villas – Marsh Views

1515 Deer Pointe

Homes – Marsh/Wooded


Golf Course/Mid-Island

Many of our homes in the golf course and mid-island areas offer views of Seabrook Island’s Crooked Oaks and Ocean Winds courses. Situated in quiet neighborhoods nestled under the cover of the Island’s lush, tropical landscape, you have the best of both worlds – Serene settings but convenient location to all of Seabrook Island’s amenities. These homes are centrally located – just 1.5 miles to North Beach and 1.5 miles to the Lake House area. The Island House, Beach Club pools are approximately a 2 – 2.5 mile ride. PF – Pet Friendly

Chateau by the Green – Golf Views

2501 Chateau by the Green
2503 Chateau by the Green

Duneloft Villas – Marsh Views

                      1413 Duneloft

Golf Shore Villas – Golf/Wooded Views

459 Golf Shore

High Hammock Villas – Golf/Wooded Views

122 High Hammock (PF)
125 High Hammock
126 High Hammock
131 High Hammock (PF)
146 High Hammock  (PF)
                     150 High Hammock – Coming soon!
152 High Hammock (PF )
                    158 High Hammock (PF)
162 High Hammock (PF)
169 High Hammock
173 High Hammock (PF)
176 High Hammock

Ocean Winds Villas – Golf Views

3017 Ocean Winds

Summerwind Cottages – Golf Views

1101 Summerwind
1112 Summerwind
                    1117 Summerwind
1120 Summerwind (PF)
1135 Summerwind (PF)
1155 Summerwind (PF)
1159 Summerwind
1165 Summerwind (PF)

Tarpon Pond Cottages – Golf/Marsh/Wooded Views

501 Tarpon Pond
502 Tarpon Pond (PF)
                    513 Tarpon Pond (PF)
                    515 Tarpon Pond
520 Tarpon Pond
528 Tarpon Pond
529 Tarpon Pond (PF)
542 Tarpon Pond 
546 Tarpon Pond
550 Tarpon Pond (PF)
551 Tarpon Pond

Treeloft Villas

818 Treeloft

Wedgewood Villas – Golf/Wooded View

632 Wedgewood


2425 Andell Way
                    3032 Baywood (PF)
                     3050 Baywood Drive
3305 Coon Hollow
2523 Haulover Pointe (PF)
3230 Privateer Creek
2607 Seabrook Island Road
2631 Seabrook Island Road
2633 Seabrook Island Road
2513 The Bent Twig

Near Ocean

Homes in the near ocean locations are within walking distance of Seabrook Island’s 3.5 miles of beaches. Most are a less than 5 minute walk to one of Seabrook’s 12 boardwalks. While the length of the boardwalks vary, you typically can have your toes in the sand in less than 12 minutes. PF – Pet Friendly

North Beach Cottages – Distant Ocean/Marsh Views

                     2221 Oyster Catcher (North Beach Cottage ) (PF)
2224 Rolling Dune Road (North Beach Cottage) – Distant Ocean View
2228 Rolling Dune Road (North Beach Cottage) – Distant Ocean View – (PF)
2240 Rolling Dune Road (North Beach) – Distant Ocean View
2250 Rolling Dune Road (North Beach Cottage) – Distant Ocean View

Sealoft Cottages – Lagoon/Golf/Marsh Views

903 Sealoft (PF)
907 Sealoft
913 Sealoft
915 Sealoft (PF)
928 Sealoft (PF)
929 Sealoft (PF)
933 Sealoft (PF)
935 Sealoft – long term rental
936 Sealoft (PF)
937 Sealoft
939 Sealoft
940 Sealoft (PF)
946 Sealoft
947 Sealoft
948 Sealoft

Homes – Golf/Marsh/Wooded Views/Near Ocean

2251 Catesbys Bluff (PF)
2253 Catesby’s Bluff
2402 High Hammock Road (PF)
                    2443 High Hammock Road
2598 High Hammock Road  (PF)
2626 High Hammock Road
                    2270 Oyster Catcher
2278 Oyster Catcher Court
                    3639 Pompano Court (PF) Coming Soon!
2704 Seabrook Island Road (PF)
3575 Seabrook Island Road
3609 Seabrook Island Road

Near Ocean, Island House, Beach Club Pools, Golf

The Clubhouse area is full of activity. All these properties are walking distance to the clubhouse, Beach Club pools, dining venues (Palmetto Room, Bohicket Lounge, Pelican’s Nest), Seabrook Shoppe, arcade, beaches, and golf. Whether you have a golf, Edisto River, or ocean view, on most nights you will fall to sleep listening to the ocean’s waves. PF – Pet Friendly

Atrium Villas – Ocean/Golf Views

2903 Atrium (PF)
2905 Atrium
2907 Atrium (PF)
2909 Atrium (PF)
                    2917 Atrium (PF)
2925 Atrium
2931 Atrium (PF)
                     2934 Atrium (PF) – coming soon!
2935 Atrium
2936 Atrium (PF)
2937 Atrium (PF)
                     2940 Atrium – coming soon!
2941 Atrium

Beach Club Cottages – Ocean Views

326 Beach Club
327 Beach Club

Fairway One Townhomes – Golf Views

Live Oak Villas – Golf Views

2776 Live Oak (PF)
2780 Live Oak

Pelican Watch Villas – Beachfront (Pelican Beach)

1303 Pelican Watch (PF)
1305 Pelican Watch (PF)
1306 Pelican Watch
1317 Pelican Watch (PF)
1325 Pelican Watch (PF)
1341 Pelican Watch (PF)
1346 Pelican Watch ** 3 Bedrooms **
1354 Pelican Watch (PF)
1385 Pelican Watch (PF)
1391 Pelican Watch (PF)
13106 Pelican Watch
13108 Pelican Watch (PF)

Spinnaker Beach Houses – Lagoon/Golf/Distant Ocean Views

703 Spinnaker – Ocean View (3 bedrooms)
711 Spinnaker
714 Spinnaker (PF)
721 Spinnaker 
725 Spinnaker (PF)
                    731 Spinnaker (PF)
735 Spinnaker (PF)
736 Spinnaker (PF)
739 Spinnaker (PF)
741 Spinnaker (PF)
743 Spinnaker (PF)
744 Spinnaker
746 Spinnaker (PF)
755 Spinnaker (3 bedrooms)
758 Spinnaker (3 bedrooms)
760 Spinnaker
                    767 Spinnaker  (PF) – new photos coming! New owners!
                    770 Spinnaker (PF)
774 Spinnaker
777 Spinnaker
779 Spinnaker
782 Spinnaker (PF)

Homes – Oceanfront/Golf/Wooded Views

3618 Loggerhead Court – Pool; On Boardwalk  (PF)
3603 Beachcomber Run – by Boardwalk 3
3702 Bonita Court – by Boardwalk 3
3703 Bonita Court – On Private Beach Path
3681 Seabrook Island Road – Golf Views (PF)
3728 Seabrook Island Road – Oceanfront
3733 Seabrook Island Road – Ocean / Golf Views with pool
3752 Seabrook Island Road – Oceanfront
3757 Seabrook Island Road – Ocean / Golf Views
3765 Seabrook Island Road – Ocean / Golf Views
3009 Hidden Oak – Golf view
3015 Hidden Oak – Golf Views
2873 Hidden Oak – Golf Views
1005 Crooked Oak Lane – St. Christopher Oaks (PF)
1025 Crooked Oak Lane – St Christopher Oaks (PF)

Near Bohicket River

These villa are located at Bohicket Marina. Enjoy amazing views of the marina and Bohicket River and the convenience of walking to restaurants, shops, and water activities. It is just a short ride to Freshfields Village, Kiawah, and Seabrook Island’s gate. Access to Seabrook Island’s beach and the Lake House facilities is available with these rentals. This is a beautiful location for enjoying our sea islands.

1943 Bohicket Marina 


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130 Gardeners Circle, PMB 307 Seabrook Island, SC 29455