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Seabrook Island Rules & Policies

Coastal Getaways of South Carolina wants your vacation to be enjoyable for you, your family and friends, and your Seabrook Island neighbors too. Accordingly, please take some time to review these rules and policies.

Vehicles, Bikes, Joggers, Walkers, & Skaters

Seabrook Island has approximately 28 miles of roadway and a robust patrol for community rules enforecement. To ensure that you do not take home a souvenir in the form of a traffic citation and that you are safe whether you are driving, biking, or walking, the following rules are in place:

  • NEW:  SIPOA has established vehicle limits specific to each property (1 per bedroom, minimum of 2) that are enforced/monitored by the Property Owner/rental management company.
  • The speed limit on the Island is 25 mph unless otherwise marked and is strictly enforced. Be aware that warnings are not given.
  • Come to a complete stop at each and every STOP sign.   You may be ticketed for not doing so.
  • Do not pass bicycles at traffic islands. When coming upon a bicyclist, stay a safe distance behind them.  When they have cleared the island, they may be passed. Do not use the oncoming traffic lane to go around traffic islands.  Again, a ticket-able offense.
  • Bicyclist must ride in single file whether on the road or on a bike path. Seabrook Island’s roads and bike paths are narrow and winding. There is often not much room to pass without encroaching on the opposite lane. We personally know of injured bicyclists and walkers because riders have not been in single file. Take heed so we can all enjoy our time visiting Seabrook Island.
  • Bicycles may not be operated on the Boardwalks and must have lights on after dark.
  • Pedestrians, joggers, and skaters must keep on the left side of the road facing traffic.
  • No beach parking is allowed on Seabrook Island roads or in villa parking areas. You must use designated beach access parking areas and boardwalks. Parking at the SIPOA Community Center (on Oyster Catcher Court) is for property owner vehicles with property owner barcodes only.  An interactive beach parking map can be accessed here.
  • No walking, jogging, and biking on the golf courses or cart paths. Golfers only!
  • Motorcycles, motorized scooters, mopeds, go-carts, and motorized skateboards are prohibited on Seabrook Island with the exception of Class 1 Pedal Assist ebikes, motorized bikes are not permitted.
  • Trailers, boats, and motorhomes are not allowed to be parked in driveways or on Seabrook Island roads. A storage and parking area is provided at the Seabrook Island Club Maintenance Facility at 2890 Seabrook Island Road (between Old Drake and Royal Pine Drives).  For details and to make arrangements to use this storage/parking, call the the Seabrook Island Club Director of Maintenance at 620-762-3489.
  • Driver’s License – Anyone operating ANY motor vehicle on Seabrook Island must be in possession of their driver’s license and vehicle registration.
  • Golf carts and/or street-legal golf carts are not permitted on Seabrook Island Roads. Low Speed Vehicles are permitted. The vehicle must be registered with the DMV as an LSV, have a VIN number, a license plate, seat belts, rear view mirrors and be able to travel 25 mph. They must be driven by a licensed driver. Note that certain regimes do not permit LSV’s as there is no electrical source for recharging. Call for details.
  • Overnight parking (11 p.m. to 7 a.m.) is prohibited on Seabrook Island roadways.  Vehicles may only be parked in designated driveway, garage and guest parking areas of developed properties.  No parking is permitted on any landscaped portions of improved single family and multi-family properties.  During the day, roadside parking is permitted in the direction of traffic in front of undeveloped lots.
  • Parking within 15′ of fire hydrants, in fire lanes, in handicap parking spaces without a valid permit, and within 50 ‘ of a traffic island is prohibited.


Seabrook Island residents and guests love their pets. Seabrook has one of the few beaches in South Carolina that allows dogs to run unleashed. This is a privilege that we all want to keep. It is therefore very important for all residents and guests to follow these rules:

  • Pets must be leashed at all times unless they are on the “Dog Beach” at the designated hours.
  • All pet feces must be picked up and placed in containers.
  • Pet owners are responsible to see that pets do not cause a nuisance.
  • Dogs (or people) are NOT allowed on the dunes at any time.
  • Do not allow pets to swim in any of our lagoons or lakes. Alligators cannot distinguish between wildlife and pets (or humans for that matter). Stay away from the edges of all lakes and lagoons.
  • Do not go by yourself or with your dog anywhere near a turtle nest (designated by an orange and white stake) or nesting bird area, even with your dog on a leash.
  • If the horses are on the beach, give them a wide berth and always leash your dogs so not to spook them.


About the “Dog Beach”

From May 1 until October 31, dogs are allowed to be off lead in the designated area before 10:00 am and after 5:00 pm.

From November 1 until April 30, dogs are allowed to be off lead in the designated area at all times.

The dog beach is accessible from Boardwalk 2 (through Boardwalk 9) with ample parking  Rental guest may park on the parking pad by the sign marking Boardwalk 2.  (Please note that the POA Community Center parking lot is reserved for Property Owners ONLY).

Once on the beach, turn right until you see the sign marked “Dogs Allowed”.  There is another sign further up the beach indicating that dogs are no longer allowed beyond that point. Dogs are ABSOLUTELY NOT permitted near Capn Sams Inlet.

Over the years, Seabrookers have worked hard for this privilege and we do not want to be in the position where it can be revoked because a few don’t follow the rules. As a result, if you are not in compliance, you may receive a citation from the Town of Seabrook Island security patrol or have to answer to your fellow dog and beach lovers.

Visit Seabrook Island Dog Owner’s Group (SIDogs) website for more information.

Map of Dog Beach



  • Climbing on the dunes is prohibited.
  • Chairs, tents, umbrellas or kayaks may not be left on beach overnight.
  • Beach towels, bathing suits, etc. may not be hung on exterior railings of houses and villas.
  • Beach and recreational equipment must be stored out of sight.


Beach Fires

Seabrook Island allows bonfires on their beaches, however, a permit must be secured from the Seabrook Island Security Gatehouse. To complete a permit for the Beach Fire, click here.

  • Fires must be attended at all times by an adult.
  • Fires may not be in the dunes.
  • Do not burn pressure treated lumber, as it gives off toxic fumes.
  • Do not burn any material with nails, screws or fasteners in it.
  • Fires must be extinguished WITH WATER by 10:00 PM (during turtle nesting season).
  • Ashes may be buried in the sand once the fire has been extinguished.
  • All unused material must be picked up and removed from the beach.
  • Fires may not be made within 50 feet of marked turtle’s nests.



Boat/Kayak ramp may be used only by property owners and accompanied Guests. It is located on Marsh Haven Drive off of Cap’n Sams Road (turn at sign for Fire Station).


Fireworks & Weapons

The use of fireworks, firearms, pellet guns, bow and arrows, and slingshots or any other weapon is strictly prohibited.


Garbage & Recycling

Outside garbage storage must be wildlife-proof.  Garbage should be placed in covered containers only (not plastic bags or cartons). Trash is picked up at homes on Mondays only (year round).


Villa garbage and recycling collection is on Monday (all year round) and Thursday (early April  to early September). You do not need to roll the trash can to the end of the driveway. Waste management personnel will collect containers from the storage area. They must be easily accessible.


Single home garbage collection is on Monday.  Containers are to be put out no earlier than noon on Sunday and no later than 7:00 am on Monday. They must be removed from the street by Monday night.


If you wish to dispose of garbage or recycling yourself, use depositories at SIPOA Maintenance Facility at 2902 Seabrook Island Road (between Old Drake and Royal Pine Drives). Do not leave ANY trash outside a bin or on the ground. The site is monitored 24/7 and fines will be issued for violation.


Charleston County has issued the following guidelines on what is recyclable and what is not.


Recycle: office paper, cardboard, mail, magazines and newspapers, food boxes, note pads, plastic bottles and containers, aluminum and steel cans, glass jars and bottles.


Do not put the following in your recycling bin: plastic bags or soft plastics, shredded paper, cartons, garden hoses, medical waste, construction waste, batteries (drop them off at the Lake House), clothing or textiles, light bulbs, electronic equipment/parts, food waste, styrofoam containers or packaging, plastic or bubble wrap.



Radio, TV, and music volume should be low and not disturb neighbors. Loud noise that disturbs quiet enjoyment may be reported to the Seabrook Island Gatehouse at 843-768-6641.



Seabrook Island is home to some amazing wildlife. Enjoy our wildlife but remember they have adapted to our presence, but they are still wild animals and should be left alone. Seabrook Island’s wildlife will not bother you if you allow them to freely live in their environment. In all instances, pets and children should not be unsupervised outside. Click here to view more about Seabrook Island’s fabulous wildlife.


Do not feed the alligators or any other wildlife at any time. Do not swim, wade, or stand along the edges of any lagoons. All our lagoons have alligators, and they cannot distinguish between wildlife, humans, or pets.

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